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Mold Testing:

Not all molds are visible molds. There may be no visible signs of the mold but you may notice smells or increases in allergies or nasal infections. Sometimes a structure can harbor large mold growths and the first sign of the danger can be a structural failure caused by the weakening of an area due to mold growth. Often times testing is required in order to detect molds. Master-Tech Emergency Services, Inc. is a certified mold inspector and uses the highest quality technology to ensure an accurate reading within a 24 hour turnaround time.

  • FREE mold inspection and assessment
  • Mold, air and surface testing with lab report
  • FREE consultation with insurance adjuster
  • Mold damage clean–up and repair to structure and contents
  • Duct cleaning

Mold Remediation: 

Mold remediation simply means to fix a mold problem. Though the definition is simple to understand, it is not always a simple process and needs to be taken care of by trained professionals. True remediation involves more than just killing the mold. To truly remediate the mold problem, all mold infected areas need to be removed so you are no longer at risk for continued mold growth.

The mold remediation specialists at Master-Tech Emergency Services, Inc. are trained and certified to take care of your mold problem. Call 866-867-1939 at the first sign of mold to keep your environment a safe and healthy one.