Water Damage

Water/Sewage Extraction:

Water and sewage that has not been properly removed can lead to severe health risks. Any source of unwanted water, even purified water, can increase the growth of disease causing bacteria and mold in structures not properly dried out.

Master-Tech Emergency Services, Inc. can quickly and properly remove this threat from your home or office.

Complete Structural Drying:

After the initial cleanup of any water or sewage there are still steps to take to ensure there will not be any growth of mold or bacteria. Master-Tech Emergency Services, Inc. follows a regulated standard of drying.

Some materials may seem completely dry to the touch, but can still contain moisture which will lead to mold growth. We have the equipment to remove any remaining water in your structure and test to ensure there will be no further problems.

Flood Damage Clean Up:

After a flood there is a lot of damage. Flood waters destroy furniture, turn carpet in to mud and set up an environment that's perfect for mold. During this time it's important to move quickly in salvaging what can be salvaged and removing the soaked and soiled materials. When flood damage occurs it's important to act quickly to save as much as possible. The quicker the clean up happens, the less the overall damage there will be. Master-Tech offers 24 hour service to help you on the road to recovery. The Experts at Master-Tech are here to help, please don't hesitate, call us and we will help you through the rebuilding process. Our water damage restoration team provides the following services:

  • Emergency response
  • Survey damage and effected areas
  • Water extraction
  • Complete structural drying
  • * Odor control
  • Complete property reconstruction
  • Cutting edge technology