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Master-Tech Emergency Services, Inc. is here to provide professional on-site disaster cleanup. When water damage, fire damage or other emergency conditions occur, you can rely on us. We have the resources and the expertise to fix your disaster situation in a thorough and timely manner.

No one expects to have their home become a disaster scene.

We know that your home is an investment and when disaster strikes, your dream home can become the thing of nightmares. Master-Tech is here to eliminate those problems. The damages to your home caused by fire, smoke or water can lead to even more problems down the road, like mold growth. We can repair the damages to your home and ensure a safe and healthy environment free of unwanted smells and mold growth. When disaster strikes, be sure to choose a company with the knowledge and experience to fully rectify the situation. We will be happy to help you through the process and best of all, most of the time our services can be covered 100% by your insurance.

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915 Doyle Rd Suite #303-225
Deltona, FL 32725
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